All The Reasons Notebooks Are Awesome

Hey friends! Emily here. I’m at camp, so I scheduled this a month in advance because I still wanted you to hear from me. (: Today’s very relaxed post is about all the reasons notebooks are awesome.

#1. Notebooks can serve as a record of God’s faithfulness

Now, there are many things to do with a notebook. You can draw, you can keep track of how many books you have read… the possibilities are practically endless.

One of my favorite uses for a notebook is using it as a prayer journal. The best thing about prayer journaling is reading old prayers are seeing how God answered them.

Sometimes my prayers were answered in ways I was not expecting, other times God went above and beyond. Having a record of answered prayers helps me see God’s faithfulness.

#2. Notebooks show a record of personal growth

me: *rereads my sixth grade diary*
me: "yikes."
me: *tapes it shut*

Joking aside, notebooks are helpful because they catalog a record of personal growth. By rereading old diaries, I can gain insight into my past and apply this knowledge to the present.

Another thing about diaries is that they help me stay grounded in what I value. Often, I jot things in the margins like, “caring for the earth is important to me; being generous is something I strive for.” Knowing what I value means I am not lost when looking to the future, because I have the past as a guide.

Beyond diaries, If you keep an art journal or write stories, you will see improvements to your style. If you hold on to these, you will one day see how far you’ve come!

#3. It improves memory

Science or something has said that writing things down improves your memory. But even if it doesn’t, you can reference your notebook again…

#4. Notebooks are beautiful (or can be beautified)

Even composition books can look neat with some scrapbooking paper taped to them. But some notebooks are already beautiful, like this lovely bird notebook. (Not sponsored.)

Notebooks come with so many features! I have a waterproof one, a faux leather one, cheap spiral bound notebooks, or pretty decorated ones. Everyone has their own Perfect Notebook.

What do you think? Do you like notebooks? What is your idea of a Perfect Notebook?

3 thoughts on “All The Reasons Notebooks Are Awesome

  1. Cynthia June 7, 2021 / 6:13 pm

    Yes these are all great reasons 😄, I hope you’re having a great time at camp!!

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  2. Eliana the Writer September 1, 2021 / 10:59 am

    Notebooks!! Yes!! They are so fun. =D The Rite in the Rain notebook did great on our camping trip, even though I didn’t use it much, and their small size is great for random notes you don’t want to forget in the morning. And notebooks with clasps or Bible verses on the pages are awesome too. 😉 And boring notebooks where you feel free to make mistakes or get messy.

    I agree with all these points, especially point #2. There are so many angry journal entries I remember that should probably be ripped out and burned one day. XD

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